05 febbraio 2020

CEEP Comments on the Launch of the Consultation on the Review of the EU Economic Governance

The European Commission published today [5th February 2020] its communication laying out its plans regarding the future review of the EU Economic Governance. Kicking...

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22 gennaio 2020

The Conference on the Future of Europe needs the genuine involvement of social partners to be meaningful

Today [22nd January 2020], the European Commission presented its communication “Shaping the Conference on the Future of Europe”, laying out the...

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14 gennaio 2020

Transitions and Social Europe: you will need SGIs employers to succeed

Today [14th January 2020] the European Commission released the first proposals under the “100 days priorities”, notably the investment pillar of the Green...

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13 dicembre 2019

Public Services Summit 2019

On Thursday 12 December 2019, CEEP held the fourth edition of its Public Services Summit. The whole-day event took place in Brussels, at the European Economic and...

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11 dicembre 2019

CEEP Comments the Proposed EU Green Deal

Today [11 December 2019], the European Commission has presented the long-awaited Green Deal for Europe. CEEP welcomes this proposal: as climate change is happening,...

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27 novembre 2019

CEEP Reacts to the Vote of the European Parliament on the new European Commission

With the positive vote of the European Parliament on the new European Commission, the EU is now set to enter its new institutional cycle on 1 December 2019. With...

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21 novembre 2019

Final Conference for CEEP Project “Social Services in EU Cross-Industry Social Dialogue”

Today [21 November 2019] CEEP, European cross-industry social partner representing employers and providers of public services, holds the final dissemination...

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07 novembre 2019

CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti Addresses the Macroeconomic Dialogue at Political Level (MEDPOL)

Today [7th November 2019], Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, addressed the Macroeconomic Dialogue at political level, in the presence of, amongst others,...

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16 ottobre 2019

CEEP Vice-President Milena Angelova Addresses President Tusk’s and President Juncker’s Last Tripartite Social Summit

Today [16th October 2019], Milena Angelova, CEEP Vice President, and Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary, addressed the Tripartite Social Summit (TSS). In the...

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16 ottobre 2019

PSEF Joint Statement on the EU Priorities 2019-2024

You can find the PDF version of this statement below. The members of the Public Services Employers’ Forum (PSEF), representing Public Services and Services...

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09 ottobre 2019

EU trade unions and employers want ambitious EU industrial strategy

European employers and trade unions are jointly calling on the new European Commission and Parliament for a more proactive and ambitious EU industrial strategy. The...

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31 luglio 2019

CEEP Policy Kit – Finnish Presidency

Consult CEEP Policy Kit with regards to the Finnish Presidency of the European Union (July-December 2019).

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