26 maggio 2015

Opening speech of the PSS, by Hans-Joachim Reck, CEEP President

Dear Vice-President Katainen, Dear Mr. Stantič, Dear Mr. Lahti, Dear Bernadette Ségol, Dear Milena and Tom, Dear CEEP-Members, Ladies and...

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21 maggio 2015

Reinvesting in Europe: Investing in Public Services

“We have deconstructed the ‘inefficient and ineffective public services’ dogma declared Valeria Ronzitti at the end of the 2nd edition of the Public...

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20 maggio 2015

Valeria Ronzitti, re-elected as General Secretary

Ms Valeria Ronzitti was re-elected as General Secretary of CEEP during the General Assembly held on 20 May 2015. Ms Ronzitti has been elected for this position in...

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19 maggio 2015

CEEP committed to support EU Better Regulation

Public services employers and providers welcome the European Commission package on Better Regulation. Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary said: “The...

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18 maggio 2015

The 2015 Public Services Summit on 20-21 May

On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May 2015, CEEP will organise the second edition of the Public Services Summit (PSS). Held at the European Economic and Social...

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06 maggio 2015

The Digital Single Market, Support of the Modernisation of Public Services

CEEP welcomes the presentation of the Digital Single Market Strategy by the European Commission. It is a key step towards a fair regulatory environment, crucial to...

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21 aprile 2015

The involvement of social partners in the policy-making, a pre-condition for its legitimacy and democratic acceptability

At the informal ESPCO (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council), CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti expressed the views of public...

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20 aprile 2015

Public Services Summit 2015

The event takes place in Brussels on 20 and 21 May 2015 and will bring together European leaders of public services and decision-makers around the...

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25 marzo 2015

Call for tender: “Social services in European cross-industry social dialogue: towards a strong and deeper involvement”

CEEP published a call for tender for external expertise in view of our upcoming project: “Social services in European cross-industry social dialogue: towards a...

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19 marzo 2015

CEEP at the Tripartite Social Summit

At the Tripartite Social Summit, CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti expressed views on key issues of the European agenda. On the Energy Union and...

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18 marzo 2015

Working Time Directive: letter to Commissioner Thyssen

On 18 March, CEEP addressed a letter on Working Time Directive to Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility....

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17 marzo 2015

CEEP amendments on the EP TTIP report

In a letter to members of the INTA (International Trade) committee of the European Parliament, CEEP presented its proposed amendments in order to...

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