21 gennaio 2015

European social partners to promote social dialogue in Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro and Serbia

Brussels, 21 January 2015 – To promote the European social dialogue in three EU candidate countries – Montenegro, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic...

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12 dicembre 2014

Hans-Joachim Reck re-elected as CEEP President

Hans-Joachim Reck (President), Milena Angelova, Tom Beattie and Filippo Brandolini (Executive Vice-presidents). Photo by Elmar Thyen. Mr Hans-Joachim Reck...

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26 novembre 2014

Juncker’s Investment Plan: direction and ambition are right, the implementation will be the test

Following the presentation by Mr Jean-Claude Juncker of the Commission’s ‘Investment Plan for Europe’, CEEP General Secretary, Valeria Ronzitti...

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17 novembre 2014

CEEP meets with Valdis Dombrovskis and Marianne Thyssen

“A good start for the new Commission of Jean-Claude Juncker, ‘president of social dialogue’” The European Social Partners met for the...

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29 ottobre 2014

24 enterprises awarded for their groundbreaking commitment to CSR

Credits: Massimo Abordi Today in Milan, 24 public services providers were awarded the CEEP-CSR Label for their groundbreaking CSR commitments and practices....

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23 ottobre 2014

Now or never: Re-investing in Europe for sustainable competitiveness

Dear Prime Minister Renzi, Dear President Van Rompuy, The European Council meeting on 23 and 24 October 2014 will be a decisive milestone for addressing the...

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23 ottobre 2014

The EU needs to be brought back on tracks

At the occasion of the Tripartite Social Summit, Hans-Joachim Reck, CEEP President, presented his recommendations to bring growth back in Europe, by...

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09 ottobre 2014

“Sustainable Competitivness is the only way to face global challenges in the long-term”

CEEP was present at the High-level Employment Summit in Milan on 8 October. Addressing the need of investment in Europe, CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti...

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10 settembre 2014

The focus on results must guide the new European Commission

CEEP welcomes the announcement by Jean-Claude Juncker of the portfolios of the new European Commission. CEEP considers the new approach, with reinforced...

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18 luglio 2014

CEEP congratulates Mr Juncker

CEEP sent its congratulations to Mr Juncker for his election at the head of the European Commission.

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17 luglio 2014

CEEP speaking points at the Informal EPSCO and Environment Meeting

CEEP is represented by Mr Brandolini, CEEP Executive Vice-president, and Ms Ronzitti, CEEP Secretary General, at the first-ever joint meeting of EU environment...

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