25 marzo 2015

Call for tender: “Social services in European cross-industry social dialogue: towards a strong and deeper involvement”

CEEP published a call for tender for external expertise in view of our upcoming project: “Social services in European cross-industry social dialogue: towards a...

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19 marzo 2015

CEEP at the Tripartite Social Summit

At the Tripartite Social Summit, CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti expressed views on key issues of the European agenda. On the Energy Union and...

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18 marzo 2015

Working Time Directive: letter to Commissioner Thyssen

On 18 March, CEEP addressed a letter on Working Time Directive to Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility....

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17 marzo 2015

CEEP amendments on the EP TTIP report

In a letter to members of the INTA (International Trade) committee of the European Parliament, CEEP presented its proposed amendments in order to...

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16 marzo 2015

CEEP Contribution to the EFSI proposal

In its effort to make a decisive contribution to the current work on the European Fund for Strategic Investments, CEEP prepared amendments aiming at improving the...

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06 marzo 2015

For a new start for Social dialogue

At the high level conference ‘A New Start for Social Dialogue’, Hans-Joachim Reck, CEEP President, reiterated the commitment of public services...

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05 marzo 2015

Joint declaration of the Public Services Employers’ Forum in view of the High level social dialogue event on ‘A New Start for Social Dialogue’

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the ‘Val Duchesse’ that launched the cooperation with European social partners with the aim to involve social...

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27 febbraio 2015

New EC project on social services in European cross-industry social dialogue

CEEP was recently granted a project dedicated to the involvement of social services in the European cross-sectoral social dialogue. This project aims to facilitate...

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25 febbraio 2015

The Energy Union, a Potential for EU Growth

Following the presentation of the communications of the European Commission on the Energy Union and the Road to Paris, CEEP (European Centre of Employers and...

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16 febbraio 2015

Reforms, Investments and Fiscal Responsibility are the Way Forward

Speaking today at the macroeconomic dialogue at political level (MEDPOL) in Brussels, CEEP Executive Vice-President Milena Angelova pointed out the importance of...

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30 gennaio 2015

CEEP Proud of 30 Years of European Social Dialogue

At the eve of the 30th anniversary of ‘Val Duchesse’, CEEP wants to commemorate the event, proud to have been one of the “founding members” of...

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22 gennaio 2015

CEEP Supporting the Circular Economy, Driver for Growth and Jobs

Today, Filippo Brandolini, CEEP Executive Vice-President, represented public service providers at the public hearing on the Circular Economy Package at the ENVI...

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